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Are you an iPhone® or iPad© lover like me?

RealLegal has created a FREE E-Transcript Viewer app for iPhone® and iPad®! Just go to the App Store and search E-Transcript.

Portable E-Transcript is a professional grade application available for your iPad® or iPhone®. You can review and annotate E-Transcripts anytime, anywhere — all you need is an iPad® or iPhone® to begin using your E-Transcript electronic witness testimony transcripts on the go.

You can search the word index and find terms within your E-Transcript.

You have the ability to add electronic highlighting and notes from your mobile device.
You can email the transcript with or without the highlighting and notes from your device.

You can update the transcript in the desktop version of Westlaw Case Notebook to include the highlighting and notes added in the app.

Click here to check it out and let me know what you think!